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Online Courses
Excel is the most powerful spreadsheets program

So, you should learn it in right way and get your skills To the next level.
Corporate Training
Excel is not just for accountants excel is for all fields

We are ready to develop and enhance your employees in excel skills to increase their productivity and creativity
Private Courses
Need to learn Excel and don’t have time and you need it quickly

This section was created just for you, and it will be perfect


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I would like to thank you for the course that I took seriously. There is a great difference between my work. What is your method, easy and simple, and do you know how to get the information easily?


He was in support after the course through the Facebook group all the time

Nourhan Alaa

I would like to Thank Mr. Mohamed Afify For his efforts to start such an educational platform,From the View of education 

Mahmoud Munir

Mr.Mohamed Afify is so talented in how to deliver the information in a simple way and so skilled in excel formulas and dashboard, moreover ; he is also professional in data analysis and pivot table 

Ahmed Moamn

Actually, I didn’t find any good start in Excel like Excel Masters and its founder Mr.Mohamed Afify

As we always practice and work together as a team it’s really a great workshop, not just a normal course

Mahmoud ismail
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