Excel Masters

Advanced Excel course will completely change your skills to the top level

What we will know
  • Creating complex formulas and functions and working with them easily and effectively
  • Learning advanced excel formatting techniques to create great worksheets
  • Learning data analysis and creating reports using pivot tables and pivot charts

What I should know before starting the course

  • You should know the basics of excel

If you don’t

            No worries

  • You will take “ Excel essential training “ recorded course for free with lifetime access

Course price

The course price will be cheaper than its value, It will cost you 755 EGP instead of 1000 EGP

How to register

Just press on enroll now button to pay the cost after that send us a WhatsApp message to number 01550480001 register your seat


Should I be from Egypt

No, You can register from anywhere

What is the course layout?

Sec1 – Advanced Formulas and functions


Module 1- Tips shortcuts

1- 3d Formula

2- Find a formula

3- References

4- Copy formula

5- Convert formulas to values

6- Value update

7- use name range

Module 2- Tools

1- Insert Functions

2- absolute references

3- Mixed references

Module3- If Function

1- Simple IF

2- Nested If

3- Compound if

Module 4- Lookup functions

1- look up function

2- Vlookup – Hlookup Approxmite

3- Vlookup – Hlookup exact

4- nested vlookup

5- choose function

6- match function

7- Index function

8- Index – match

Module5- Count family

1- Countif sumif averageif

2- Countifs sumifs averageifs

3- Subtotal

Module6- Statical

1- Median mode

2- Rank

3- Large small

4- Count blank

5- Count

G- Math

1- Round

2- M Round

3- Mod

4- Convert

5- Aggregate

Module7- Dates and Times

1- Dates and times


3- Today-now

4- Weekday

5- Networkday

6- Workday


8- Time Currency

Module8- Text

1- find-mid

2- left – right

3- trim

4- Concatenate

5- Propper- upper

6- Replace-Substitute

Module9- Reference

1- Offset

2- Indirect

3- Indirect – Drop down list

Sec2 – Advanced formatting techniques


Module 10- Control font, Borders , and cell color

1- Adjust fonts, font sizes, and font colors

2- Apply underline, strikethrough, subscript, and superscript formatting

3- Apply border styles and adjust gridlines

Module 11- Alignment tools

1- Adjust horizontal and vertical cell alignment

2- Angled text

3- Indent data and dollar signs

4- Merge and Center

5- Wrap text

Module 12- Adjust numeric formats quickly

1- Work with numeric formatting options

2- Master the numeric formatting keyboard shortcuts

3- Set special formats for dates, times, phone numbers, and zip codes

4- Build custom numeric formats

5- Build custom date formats

Module 13- Accentuate dynamic data with conditional formatting

1- Create value-based formatting using logical operators

2- Create value-based formatting using data bars, color scales, and icons

3- Create formats based on formulas

Module 14- Tables

1- Tables

Module 15- Display data as outline

1- Set up data for outlines

2- Use the Subtotal feature to create outlines

Sec3 – Pivot Tables

Module 16- Creating and pivoting pivottables

1-Creating and pivoting pivotable

Module 17- Creating and pivoting pivottables

1-Manage Subtotal and grand total

2-change the data field

3-Summarize more than one data field

4-Manage dates in a PivotTable

5-Create a calculated field

6-Use PivotTable data in a formula

7-Drill down to the underlying data

Module 18-Sorting and filtering pivottbles

1-Sort pivot table data

2-Create a custom sort order

3-Filter a PivotTable field by selection

4-Filer using slicers

5-Filter with report filter fields

6-Filter a PivotTable using a timeline

Module 19-Formatting pivottables

1- Formatting pivottables

Module 20- Pivot charts

1-Pivot charts

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