Excel Masters

Data analysis course is the best way to start your career

What we will know

  • Learning data analysis and creating reports using pivot tables and pivot charts 
  • Connect and clean your data using Power query
  • How to use the most common functions in Excel
  • How to create a Perfect Dashboard with great data visualizations

What I should know before starting the course

  • You should know the basics of excel

If you don’t

            No worries

  • You will take “ Excel essential training “ recorded course for free with lifetime access

Course price

The course price will be cheaper than its value, It will cost you 950 EGP instead of 1400 EGP

How to register

Just press on enroll now button to pay the cost after that send us a WhatsApp message to number 01550480001 register your seat

Should I be from Egypt

No, You can register from anywhere

What is the course layout?

Sec1 – Pivot Tables

Module 1- Creating and pivoting pivottables

1-Creating and pivoting pivotable

Module 2- Creating and pivoting pivottables

1-Manage Subtotal and grand total

2-change the data field

3-Summarize more than one data field

4-Manage dates in a PivotTable

5-Create a calculated field

6-Use PivotTable data in a formula

7-Drill down to the underlying data

Module 3-Sorting and filtering pivottbles

1-Sort pivot table data

2-Create a custom sort order

3-Filter a PivotTable field by selection

4-Filer using slicers

5-Filter with report filter fields

6-Filter a PivotTable using a timeline

Module 4-Formatting pivottables

1- Formatting pivottables

Module 5- Pivot charts

1-Pivot charts

Sec2 – Formula And functions

1-what is the difference between formulas and functions

2-Copy Formula

3-Absulte reference

4-most common functions

5-If function

6-Vlook up

7-Count family

Sec3 – Power query “Get transform”

Module1 Start with power query

1-Query data from table or range

2-Import from file

3-Import from folder

4-Load data only as a connection

Module 2

1-Fill up and fill down

2-Split by Delimiter

3-Add conditional and custom columns

4-Add Column by Example

Module 3

1-Work with formulas in Get & Transform

2-Use If Formula

3-Use if with and

4-Exact match equivalent of VLOOKUP


Module 4

1-Pivot data in Get & Transform

2-Pivot and Append

3-Pivot – Don’t Aggregate


Module 5


Module 6

1-Append 2 Data Sets

2-Multiple tables

3-Combining tables with different headers

Sec4 – Dashboard & Data visualization

  1- Dashboard & Data visualization


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